Development operations, or DevOps, might be just another buzzword or it may have come to stay. We have no answer to this question yet, but we surely understand what DevOps is about and remain confident that the practice will not go anywhere. Simply because it is convenient for all parties involved and ensures the highest quality of experience for users. Need a team that does DevOps? That’s what we are. Let’s talk!

Let’s come together, right now

You may find a number of definitions of “Development Operations” on the web should you care to search for them. Overall, they boil down to the following set of points:

DevOps at its best

We embrace Development Operations concept and have actually been following the doctrine even before the term describing it was coined. The services we helped build have complex integrated systems powering them, and we did (and do) exactly DevOps there.

Each of our project required software design, programming, server deployment and fine-tuning from us. Let us know if you need this kind of involvement and full-scale services! Get in touch.