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Software Design & Development

From inception through design & coding to deployment & development operations
with machine learning seasoning
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We are a team of programmers and project managers that can turn your ideas into reality and make them shine.
If you have a software project in mind – web, mobile, machine learning, a mix of those or something more peculiar – get in touch with us.
On time and within your budget.

Web development

Ruby, Go, NodeJS plus everything else needed to give a web-friendly form to your ideas.

Machine learning

Cream of the crop, custom built machine learning solutions can give you power so surprisingly efficient you’ll much more room for development of your project.

Mobile apps development

Android, iOS or both, plus store deployment and seamless integration with web-based parts of the system.


Development operations might be just another buzzword or it may have come to stay, but we surely understand what DevOps is about and remain confident that the practice will not go anywhere.

Full cycle software development

From inception through product design to coding, launch and support, you get it all from us. This is what you call Development Operations. Learn more about our DevOps experience…

Your ideas, turned into reality

There are millions of ideas entrepreneurial minds generate every second. The vast majority of them never make it out of those minds, some do but fail the “tell a friend” test and fall into oblivion and a miniscule amount of those ideas actually make it out to the world. We can help you validate the idea and turn it into a profitable business, step-by-step.

Software design

Designing a piece of software is like drawing up plans for construction. There are a lot of things that should be taken into account, otherwise the construction proper will go awry pretty soon after the beginning. Learn more about our approach to web development and mobile app development

And then, there are always things that emerge in the middle of the game.

This is when you need a team of developers ready and capable of owning changes on the fly and not striving to stick to specifications. We are such a team.

Custom web development

There are numerous tools out there today that allow building a website or even a more complicated web app/system without any coding skills. But, for the most part, they are for amateurs. If you are serious about your business idea…

You want to work with professionals from the outset.

Any entrepreneur worth his salt knows that good beginning is more than just half the battle, it literally tells winners from losers. And switching from amateur tools to professional instruments when you have the train rolling ALWAYS costs more than you expect. We love Ruby, juggle with NodeJS, go with Go and can finetune servers so they work far better. Check out what we can build for you on the web…

Mobile apps design and development

Mobile apps were a real gamechanger, but today, when “there is an app for that” phrase has no humorous connotation, it’s a must for most projects aimed at continued development and niche domination.

It’s not even “mobile first” and “mobile only” anymore.

The border between mobile and desktop is virtually not there, so when speaking of mobile app design and development you always have a supporting web-based infrastructure in mind. It takes skill and expertise to build a seamless experience for users constantly switching between devices. We have both of those.